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Design-led corporate transformation

Companies are recognizing their need to better understand their customers and develop a culture of experimentation and innovation. Design Thinking, a structured process of implementing design methods and a creative mindset, has been demonstrated to help. In short, Design Thinking […]

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Regenerative Design in Marine Systems

Regenerative Marine Design: Developing a framework for design’s involvement in social-environmental-technological systems Regenerative Marine Design is an applied transdisciplinary research project and studies social-environmental -technological coastal systems. The transdisciplinary approach enables looking into the communities as well as the ecological systems […]


Conceptual and Critical Design courses

Annual Conceptual Design courses have been running since 2007, with content developing each year. While the course is influenced by Conceptual and Critical Design, it is also critical of them and aims for real-world impact. Students are encouraged to study […]

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Luxury of the North

“In the face of modernity, the North is losing its remoteness. Global warming is opening up international trade routes, the unique yet changing ecosystem brings scientists, tourists and conservationists, and prospects of natural resources bring the excavators. As humans are […]