“Experience a world where imagination and urgency converge, where art and design become catalysts for change. Welcome to Wild Hope, an extraordinary exhibition that beckons you to embrace a radical shift towards ‘planetary thinking’ – the very essence of our survival, both for humans and the countless non-humans who share our precious Earth.

Created as part of a new collaboration between RMIT University and Dark Matter Labs, Wild Hope is an immersive experience that will transport you to the forefront of ecological innovation. Design Hub Gallery showcases visionary works by artists, designers, and creative practitioners who champion the profound significance of a planetary commons for a sustainable future.

This event is part of Wild Hope: Conversations for a Planetary Commons, an exhibition calling for a radical shift to ‘planetary thinking’ as vital to the survival of human and non-human life on Earth, at Design Hub Gallery 15 August–30 September. Wild Hope is a part of City of Melbourne’s Now or Never festival.

RMIT University

Urchin Corals: Calcifiers of Change VIC and QLD. Project by Pirjo Haikola, films Tom Park. Recorded presentation by Pirjo Haikola at the World Around, Guggenheim, Earth Day 2023.
Photos by Tobias Titz