Good Design for a Bad World panel discussion, moderated by Dezeen founder Marcus Fairs with artist Jalila Essaidi, designer Pirjo Haikola, geologist Sjoerd Kluiving and writer Rab Messina. The talk was a special edition of Dezeen’s Good Design for a Bad World series exploring how design can solve some of the biggest problems facing the world.

“It’s easy to believe we are heading towards catastrophe – yet it also means we have the power to redesign our planet. How can designers shape the anthropocene era? How can they help us avoid disaster? What could the anthropocene earth look like?”

In the discussion I emphasized that designers can, and must, contribute to creating better systems, services and products. We cannot simply undo what has been done, but we must design anew. This requires collaboration and integrating knowledge from different fields. This requires understanding and developing design´s role.