I am a designer, researcher, educator and scuba diving instructor. My research focuses on regenerative design and conservation technologies for marine ecosystems. As an ‘underwater designer’ I am passionate about contributing to environmental design, nonhuman-centred design and ocean literacy through public engagement and teaching.

I am currently Lecturer and Industry Fellow at RMIT University (AU). I have held faculty positions at Aalto University (FI), IADE University (PT) and at the Why Factory future cities research group at Delft University of Technology (NL). I hold PhD, Master and Bachelor-degrees in Design

My exhibitions include ‘Urchin Corals’ in the NGV 2020 Triennial (2020-21), ‘The Critical Tide’ at Helsinki Design Museum and at the European Parliament (2019) , ‘Arctic Imports’/‘New Urban Luxuries’ at Droog 20+ at Salone del Mobile in Milan (2013), ‘Foodprint Manhattan’ at Pioneers of Change in New York (2009), ‘City Pig’ and ‘Foodprint the Hague’ at Stroom the Hague (2009). I have co-authored publications under the titles: Green Dream (2010) and Visionary Cities (2010).