I am a designer, researcher, educator, certified scuba diving instructor, underwater photography enthusiast and a sailor. My goal is to improve our relationship with the environment through regenerative, more-than-human and nonhuman design approaches. I explore and develop these approaches through research, teaching and design/artistic projects.

I am a collaborator in the Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program (RRAP) for the Great Barrier Reef, designing and testing ‘coral seeding devices’. I teach at RMIT University in Melbourne, and develop content for other institutions and organizations. As an ‘underwater designer’ I am passionate about contributing to ocean literacy through public engagement and teaching. My design and artistic projects combine additive manufacturing with material experimentation and other media.

I am currently Lecturer in Design Innovation and Technology at RMIT University (AU). My previous positions include Aalto University (FI), IADE University (PT) and the Why Factory future cities research group at Delft University of Technology (NL). I hold PhD, Master and Bachelor-degrees in Design.

My exhibitions include ‘Urchin Corals and Process’ at NGV Australia (2021) ‘Urchin Corals’ in the NGV 2020 Triennial (2020), ‘The Critical Tide’ at Helsinki Design Museum and at the European Parliament (2019) , ‘Arctic Imports’/‘New Urban Luxuries’ at Droog 20+ at Salone del Mobile in Milan (2013), ‘Foodprint Manhattan’ at Pioneers of Change in New York (2009), ‘City Pig’ and ‘Foodprint the Hague’ at Stroom the Hague (2009). I have co-authored publications under the titles: Green Dream (2010) and Visionary Cities (2010).

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