“Designers in the twenty-first century are increasingly driven by a desire to achieve greater efficiency, sustainability, and ethical impact. Bridging the worlds of design, technology and science, this exhibition presents a selection of works from the NGV collection, alongside new projects by leading experimental and speculative designers who are “sampling” the future. From 3d printed corals and underwater reef structures to robotically printed and knitted architecture, the exhibition reveals some of the many ways that digital technologies and advanced manufacturing are transforming how designers are reimagining how and why objects, structures and buildings are made.”

(Sampling the Future, National Gallery of Victoria)

Sampling the Future exhibition allowed expanding the Urchin Corals installation and exhibiting it in a new context at the NGV Australia. The Urchin Corals installation, 3d printed corals and two underwater films, were complemented with new 3d printed corals, material samples and an animation showing the process of underwater photogrammetry (converting a large number of photographs into highly detailed 3d models).

3d printed corals and material samples (biopolymers, Calcium Carbonate, Sea Urchin shell and pigments, natural wax)
Close-up of a 3d print. Biopolymers and sea urchin shell
3d printed corals and two underwater films
Photogrammetry animation